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Sunday , October 23 2016
Home / Lifestyle / 7 Things You Should Not Do To A Woman, If Not You Put Her In The Mood

7 Things You Should Not Do To A Woman, If Not You Put Her In The Mood


A woman is one of the most flexible set of beings. There are things you should not do to them, otherwise you put her in the mood. If you misinterprete this messgae as “Things to do to put a woman in the mood” na you sabi.
Now to the message: Seven (7) Things you should never do to a woman, otherwise you put her in the mood.
1. Never Create a Unique s3x bedroom – lightening candles, cool music, and glass of wine. This is very dangerous, as it can easily make her go volatile.
2. Getting Her Seductive Outfits. S3xy outfits can remind her how s3xually endowed she is. By getting her some of those s3x-appealing dresses, you remind her that she is appetizing, and sumptuous.
3. Sensual touches also, is unavoidable. A woman hardly escapes it. A masterful way to begin pre-intimacy, without focusing on s3x but on emotional connection, is by giving her a sensual massage. This may not just end up well, it started as a gentle unserious play, but will likely end up as something profound (hope you understand what I mean).
4. Romantic Dinners/Lunch : You know that she is back from work, tired and stressed up. An yo know that it is already 7pm. And you take her to a mind-blowing dinner, whether outside or prepared at home. She will fall. If anything happens, that is your business. Don’t say I did not tell you.
5. Buying Her Gift is also a magic. Those gifts are for sure, greek gifts. If you continue like that, a point will reach and she will not afford to hurt that “caring” fellow…hmmm…caring abi, you have achieved your aim. Don’t say Ogainnocent did not warn you.
6. Showers together: haa!!! This is bomb. You mean you want to have shower with her and…just like that? What could be happening in that bathroom? Only God knows.
7. Kissing Her: Kissing a woman is very sensitive. It is a powerful s3x arousal tool. If you don’t want anything to happen, avoid kisses. It may be casual kiss or peck…whatever, it may not come out fine.

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