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Sunday , January 22 2017
Home / World News / ‘A Man Has To “Test Out The Car First!’ Tyrese Explains Why He Won’t Marry A Celibate Woman

‘A Man Has To “Test Out The Car First!’ Tyrese Explains Why He Won’t Marry A Celibate Woman


The 37 year old singer and actor says that he can’t marry a woman until he knows what he’s getting in the bedroom. He revealed this on “The Doctors” recently when the subject of waiting for marriage before s3x came up.

Tyrese slammed the ideology and claims it just can’t work in a society of high divorce rates:

“It’s enough people getting married and filing for divorce. There’s enough people out here saying, ‘I’m a born again virgin. I’ve had s3x before, but I’m just going to hold back.”

“I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m not going to have s3x, I’m not going to touch you because it’s biblical.

“However, I would say, I’m not willing to potentially marry bad s3x. If I have one car to test drive, you gotta jump in and do a couple turns. Put in reverse, back up. I’m not marrying bad s3x!”

“I believe that God’s correction is for your protection. He’s not saying don’t have s*x so he can hold something from you. There are STDs out there. And think about it. If you’re a woman, would you give a man a key to your apartment on the first date?

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