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Wednesday , December 7 2016
Home / World News / “Don’t Vote For The Stupid Man’ – Mom Threatens To Take Away Her Son’s Phone And Car If He Votes for Trump

“Don’t Vote For The Stupid Man’ – Mom Threatens To Take Away Her Son’s Phone And Car If He Votes for Trump

Kenny Okwara shared a video of his mother’s reaction when he suggested he was not going to vote in the 2016 presidential election

The video begins with ChiChi looking as if she is about to leave the house with her coat on and a headphone in her ear.

She tells her son:

‘When you circle the vote, take a picture. I have to see who you voted for. If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton…’

At that, Kenny lets out a laugh, but his mom points at him and declares:

‘No for real I’m serious.

When he asks what the consequence would be, she reveals:

‘There is going to be a little problem in this house. I will seize your phone, I will seize your car.’

Kenny erupts into cackling laughter before trying to egg on his mother further.

‘For real?’ he says. ‘I’m not voting for Trump, I’m not voting for Hillary’

Assuming that Kenny means that he is voting for a third party candidate, ChiChi rages at him, taking aim at Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

‘Don’t vote for the stupid man who doesn’t even know that there’s Aleppo!’ she yells, pointing her finger. ‘That there’s a Syria war going on.’

Kenny asks:

‘Isn’t there a “no vote” option?’

‘No! You are so stupid! You have to carry out your civic duties of being an American,’ yells his mother while Kenny laughs at her. ‘Don’t act like a moron!’

She also suggests that if he were to tell people he wasn’t going to vote, they would think he was ‘a moron’ and ‘on drugs’. Watch the VIDEO


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