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Saturday , January 21 2017
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Every Day I Receive Criticism From Women Like Me – Emma Nyra Pens Down Pain

emma nyra

Formerly MMMG’s first lady, Emma Nyra has spoken on how women are their own greatest enemies. She says men are more successful because they help each other grow, but in the case of women, they criticize and condemn each other which has made many fall. She said the most important woman in her life (her mom) was also once in the shoes of a woman who was daily criticized but at the end of it all she killed them with success. She however rounded it up by telling women to be their own best friends and help each other. Her words right after the cut.

Ladies this message is for you. I think it’s sad that every single day, I receive negative and constructive criticism from women who have never constructed anything. Every single thing I do is criticized because I’m in the public eye, fair enough that’s what I signed up for in order to be a female artist.

You may also want to understand why I am successful and why I will always be successful. It is because of women! The women who have dedicated their time and talent to work with me, collabo with me, and advise me.

The women that look after their fellow woman by building her up, instead of tearing her down. This is why men are successful because they help each other grow.

The most important woman in my life (my mom) is a very successful business woman and my whole life I watched her take criticism from women who tried to bring her down. She handled it all with a smile and killed them with success.

I wrote this to challenge women. This year as a woman, challenge yourself to support other women around you. Mentor younger girls and make them stronger. Lift each other up. Define womanhood. 2016.

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