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Tuesday , January 24 2017
Home / World News / Horrific Moment Man Breaks P*nis In Half During ‘Vigorous’ S*x (Very Graphic Photo)

Horrific Moment Man Breaks P*nis In Half During ‘Vigorous’ S*x (Very Graphic Photo)


This will make your eyes water. My goodness!

A 32-year-old man from India has described how he heard a ‘snapping sound’ when his p*nis broke in half during s*x. He said he was having ‘vigorous’ s*x when he heard the noise and felt severe pain at the same time. By the time he arrived at the hospital in New Delhi for tests, his p*nis had turned completely black due to excessive blood flow.

Doctors carried out ultrasound tests of the broken p*nis, which was bent at an unnatural angle.

According to doctors, he suffered what’s known as an ‘eggplant deformity’ that occurred after he snapped one of two tubes – known as corpora cavernosa – that run the length of the p*nis that make it hard when blood flows through. These two lengths of tissue on either side form the majority of the p*nis.
When a man gets an er*ction, blood rushes to the tissue, which makes the p*nis hard.

During an er*ction, the p*nis can fracture if it is hit with blunt force. This can happen during vigorous s*x or m*sturb.ation. When it snapped, blood went into the p*nis causing it to smell, swell and go black.

After scans, doctors rushed him into emergency surgery. The excess blood was drained from his p*nis before doctors mended the fracture.

P*nile fra.ctures can cause other problems in the future.

Those who have suffered fractures often have er*ctile dysfunction because blood can’t properly flow to the tissue. This is because of the scar tissue that will form as the p*nis heals.

There is also a possibility that there could be nerve damage.

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