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Wednesday , December 7 2016
Home / Metro News / Hypocrisy? You’ll Never Guess Which Country Googles Gay P0’rn The Most

Hypocrisy? You’ll Never Guess Which Country Googles Gay P0’rn The Most

A new shocking revelation has revealed that Africans love watching g*y p0rn the most in the world even as they verbally condemn it.

A shocking google report has shown that African countries top the list of countries where people google for g*y p0rn the most in the world.

In fact, these countries have homophobic laws and are the most places where the acts are condemned.

Kenya – a country with strong ant-g*y law – tops the Google trends rankings for both ‘g*y s*x pics‘ and ‘g*y p0rn pics‘, with an extraordinarily high search index.

The country is followed by South Africa and Nigeria – countries where the act is considered as a taboo. But, many people have continued to wonder how many people in these countries vocally condemn the act yet go in secret to watch it.

The research further revealed that 92% of the Kenyan population agree that h0m0s*xuality is ‘unacceptable’, while having s*x “against the order of nature” in the country can carry a prison sentence of up to 21 years.

According to a report, MPs in the country recently discussed a new anti-g*y bill that would see g*y people sentenced to death by stoning.


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