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Friday , January 20 2017
Home / Metro News / Immigration Officer’s Wife Battered In Lagos Hotel For Shunning Love Advances

Immigration Officer’s Wife Battered In Lagos Hotel For Shunning Love Advances


Detectives attached to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos State, have arrested a man who allegedly beat up one of the female teachers in his children’s school for shunning his love advances. The man, Kazeem, 45, a father of four, was said to have pounced on the female teacher (names withheld) when she went to deliver a message to him from the school authority. The pretty teacher is the wife of a top immigration officer.

Recounting the incident to her mother and sister, the teacher, who was rushed to Elegbeleye Specialist Hospital, Ikosi Ketu said she was attacked at Kingsley Ahmed Hotel, Apaola Crescent, Ikosi Ketu, on November 27, 2015, at about 5pm. The suspect was described as one of the distinguished and respected parents of Sinclair Louis Primary and Secondary Schools, Agility, Mile 12 Lagos State. The matter was reported by the victim’s sister, Onome Owumi at Ketu Police Station and Kazeem was picked.

The victim, who is 33-year-old, is the Human Resources (HR) Officer of Sinclair Louis Schools. She was sent to deliver a message to Kazeem by the headmistress of the school, but the suspect attempted To Molest her, after tricking her to meet him at the hotel. The victim’s sister, Owumi, a nursery school teacher, said Kazeem had always been interested in dating her younger sister.

According to Owumi, Kazeem used to inundate the victim’s phone with love messages. Owumi said: “My sister is married. She told him every time he wooed her that she was married. He however refused to listen to her. He continued to send her love messages.” Narrating how the incident occurred, Owumi said: “On the fateful day, at about 4pm, my sister was sent to Kazeem by Mrs. Alawiye, the headmistress of the school. My sister is the HR of the school.

Part of her job is to speak with parents and persuade them to pay up their debts. Kazeem, being one of the well-respected parents in the school, was told that my sister would be coming to his office at Tipper Garage to speak with him on the debts he owed the school, since examination would soon start. “When she got to his office, he wasn’t there. She called his phone. He said he had just left the office and was at Aladelola Street, Ikosi.

My sister was annoyed and he immediately apologised. When she got to the place, she saw the man at the balcony of a house. She didn’t know it was a hotel. There was no sign to indicate the place was a hotel. He asked her to come upstairs. On getting there, she didn’t see him. She called out his name. He answered from a room.

My sister followed the sound of his voice. She found him inside a room. He was sitting on the bed. Innocently, she walked into the room. “After talking to him and showing him the necessary ways to go about paying up the debts, she stood up to leave.

On her way out, Kazeem held her hands. He told her that he wanted to speak with her. He said he liked her and would like to have sex with her. But my sister said that she couldn’t. She told him that she was already late for a church vigil.” Owumi said that Kazeem stood up, dashed to the door and locked it.

Although the lady was shocked at his behaviour, she attempted to explain to him that she couldn’t have sex with him because it was a taboo in her tradition. She told him that if she had sex with him, and later had sex with her husband, her husband would die. Owumi said that rather than listen to the lady’s explanations, Kazeem suddenly pushed her into the bed and pounced. As she struggled with him, he rained punches on her. He tore off her clothes and started touching her breasts.
The lady screamed and Kazeem allegedly tried to suffocate her with a pillow. Owumi said: “She grabbed his manhood when he tried To Molest her, but he bit her on the neck.
As the struggle continued, she got weaker. Weary, she told him that she had accepted to have sex with him. She however said that she was fasting. She told him that she needed food to break her fast. He went out to get food, but padlocked the door. She quickly sent a text message to the headmistress and her husband that Kazeem was about To Molest her. She had already seen a sticker in the room that showed the name of the hotel.”

The headmistress however called when Kazeem had returned with the food. He asked his prey to pick the call and tell the caller that she was at Ibadan. It was later discovered that headmistress transferred the message to the principal of Sinclair Louis Schools. The principal forwarded it to the victim’s mother.

The woman received the message while she was in the church and immediately left in search of her daughter. The headmistress, Mrs. Alawiye, said that she never knew that the suspect could degenerate to the level of attempting To Molest another man’s wife. Mrs. Alawiye said: “I told the lady (HR officer) to speak with Mr. Kazeem about the debts his children owed the school.

He has four children in our school and they were all sent home over debts. The money they owed the school was N108, 400. Since the exams would start on Monday, I told the HR to call their father and speak with him. I had no idea such a grave crime would occur.

“I saw a message sent earlier by the HR that she was in trouble. I called her immediately and she answered telling me all was well. I didn’t know she was under threat. I went home thereafter and then later forwarded the message to the principal to let him know about the message. It was the next day I got to hear the full story.

But I’m grateful that the HR was not raped, only, beaten and injured.” The manager of Kingsley Ahmed Hotel, where the incident occurred, introduced himself simply as Mr. Wale. He said that he was not aware of the incident until some policemen came to the hotel on investigation.

Wale recounted: “I know the lady. In fact, I’m a family friend. I know her mother because she sells frozen foods at Mile12. I was once a manager at a hotel in Mile 12. I didn’t even know she was the one until the police came searching. I was in my office. I had earlier gone to the bank and just returned.

I had no idea that the lady, whom Mr. Kazeem said would come to visit him had arrived. “We didn’t hear shouting. At about 2am, the police arrived at the hotel with the lady’s family. They said that there was a kidnap case in the hotel. I was shocked. I immediately took our bunch of keys and we proceeded in opening all the rooms. When we got to room 15, we knocked, but there was no answer. “At the second knock, the lady in the room shouted.

The policemen on hearing her shout immediately broke down the door. The man was Unclad, while the lady was with a bed sheet wrapped around her body.

The man wanted to run out, but the policemen pushed him back. “He was arrested and we all went to Ketu Police Station. All through the questionings, the lady insisted that he didn’t rape her, but only beat her up because she refused him sex. The man on the other hand, insisted that the lady was his girlfriend.”

The victim’s husband said he didn’t want his wife to speak with journalists or the matter to be in the papers. The suspect was arraigned on a three count charge at the Ogudu Magistrates Court, on December 1, 2015. Bail was given in the sum of N200, 000, with three sureties. Kazeem couldn’t meet the bail conditions and remanded in Ikoyi Prison.

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