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Thursday , October 20 2016
Home / World News / Man Dies Trying To Rob A C0ndom Machine (Photo)

Man Dies Trying To Rob A C0ndom Machine (Photo)


A man in Germany has died after he tried to steal the contents of a condom machine using a homemade explosive device.

The 29-year-old from Münster was hit in the head by a shard of metal which flew from the machine as he and two others attempted to blow it up.

The strike left the man unconscious, but he later died in hospital after his two accomplices rushed to get emergency treatment for his wounds.

It has been reported in Germany that the man had attempted to take shelter inside his car, but the device detonated before he was able to close the door. g2

The two other would-be thieves initially told medical staff that their friend had fallen down the stairs, but one of them then confessed to the botched attempt to steal money from the vending machine.

The dispenser was located on a quiet street, with residents quick to report the explosion, but when police arrived no money or goods appeared to have been taken, instead it was left scattered in the street.

The two other men, aged 27 and 29, were arrested but have been released from custody.

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