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Sunday , January 22 2017
Home / World News / Man Divorces His Wife via TEXT After She Told Him She Had Been Gang R*ped

Man Divorces His Wife via TEXT After She Told Him She Had Been Gang R*ped


A young mother in India has told how her husband divorced her by text after she confessed to being gang r*ped by neighbours.

She revealed how her Dubai-based construction worker spouse reacted badly when she confided in him what had happened.

The unnamed woman, 25, said she received a message soon after which said ‘talaq’ three times.
Under Sharia Law a man can divorce his wife instantly if he says ‘talaq’ to her three times.

Soon afterwards the woman, who cannot be named, was thrown out of the house where she lived with her mother-in-law, 70, who took custody of her four-year-old son.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the mother-of-one bravely told how she ‘went numb’ when she received the message ending their five-year marriage, having previously thought her husband and his mother had been sympathetic.

Blasting her ‘cowardly’ husband, she said: ‘When I read the message I went numb. I couldn’t believe what I had read. Just three words; talaq, talaq, talaq.’

She went on: ‘This is the last thing I was expecting from my husband of five years after I confided in him about what happened.

I felt violated. I thought that he would stand by my side through this, to help me through the pain of it.

‘But I was wrong. He took the easiest way out like a coward and divorced me with text message.

‘It took him five seconds to end a five-year relationship. And my mother-in-law who had stood by my side after I was raped and went with me to the police station to report the attack, suddenly changed her mind and took her son’s side.

‘Overnight I became an outcast from my whole family.

‘I could have survived even that, but then they snatched away my last hope – my only child. I have completely lost the desire to live.’ d2

The unnamed woman has since moved back to her parents’ home in Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, north of New Delhi.

Her estranged husband’s mother and his family approve of the divorce.

Daily Mail 

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