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Tuesday , January 24 2017
Home / World News / Man Who Was Clinically Dead For An Hour Claims He Saw An Angel And Met Old Friends In Heaven

Man Who Was Clinically Dead For An Hour Claims He Saw An Angel And Met Old Friends In Heaven

A man, who was clinically dead for an hour, has described how he went to heaven, saw an angel and met with old friends – before returning to Earth when he was 18.

Dr Gary Wood, revealed he died when he was driving home late at night with his younger sister Sue and their vehicle collided with an illegally parked truck.

While Gary’s sibling escaped relatively unharmed, he suffered a crushed larynx and vocal chords, as well has having his nose ripped off and breaking several bones.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, Gary was pronounced dead and he claims that he ascended to heaven.

Recalling the experience on Jewish Voice, Gary said he was in agony and then all of a sudden “just relieved of all the pain”.

He said:

“Dying is just like taking your clothes off and just laying them aside.

“I stepped out of this body, this Earth suit, and then was lifted up through the top of my car and my whole life just passed before my eyes in just an instant.

“Then I was caught in a swirling massive funnel shape cloud that grew brighter.”“Then this cloud opened up and I saw this giant golden satellite, suspended in space that the Bible calls Heaven.”

Gary, who has penned a book on his supposed experience, said he was greeted by a “70ft tall” male angel who stood in front of gates that were “500 miles wide”. He said:

“He had a sword, he had beautiful gold, spun hair. And there was an angel inside of the city that was holding some books,”

“There was some exchange between the two angel

Gary, who has now become a minster and claims to have met Jesus who gave him a mission, said he was then given a tour of this new land by his childhood best friend who had been killed in a lawnmower accident. He said;

“About 500 yards from the throne room of God, my friend took me and I was captivated by the sign on the outside that said ‘Unclaimed Blessings’.

“When I opened the door, to my astonishment I saw legs hanging there from the wall, real legs.

“Every part of one’s anatomy was there in that room and people asked my ‘why do you need a place like that?’ Because God has a spare part when God has a miracle.”

“I was sent back to tell people that Heaven is real, there is a song to sing, there is a mission or journey to take, there is a book to write. You’re unique in purpose on this Earth,”

“Jesus told me to give a specific message – there will be a spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land, there would be a teaching and emphasis on prayer.”

Back on earth, Sue was screaming his name and medics were desperately trying to revive him. He said:

“When my friend was taking me on this tour, as Sue began to cry out, my friend said to me ‘you’ve got to go back, she’s using that name’.

“And so I just shot right back down into my body. They noticed life signs, they rushed me to the hospital to stabilise me.”

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