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Sunday , January 22 2017
Home / World News / Military Court In Somalia Sentences 43 Young Alshabaab Militants To Death

Military Court In Somalia Sentences 43 Young Alshabaab Militants To Death


Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland military court has sentenced 43 Alshabab members to death. The members of the Islamist jihadist group were captured in fighting between Puntland security forces and Alshabab in March of this year.
Puntland state attorney general Abdullahi Hirsi Elmi said that the members  have been charged under the anti terrorism laws of Puntland state.


“These men admitted to being Alshabab members and were using boats to wreck havoc In Puntland. They killed people, injured people and displaced people and they have been charged under puntland laws” said attorney general Abdullahi Hirsi Elmi.

According to Puntland attorney general, all the sentenced members Alshabaab will have the opportunity resort to the court of appeals and then final decision will be made.
54 minors have been exempted from the death charges and sent to rehabilitation centers within Puntland state.


This is biggest number of Alshabab members s in history sentenced to death at one time. 13 Alshabab fighters were sentenced to death and shot by a firing squad in Puntland state in 2013.

Source: Live From Somalia/Hassan Istiila/GoobjoobNews

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