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Thursday , January 19 2017
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Oh No! See What Happened To Lady Who Tried To Get Kylie Jenner Lips


A young woman who had £50 fillers injected at a Thai clinic after finding a cheap deal was horrified when her lips turned blue and lumpy.
Amelia Greville, 24, who lives in Bangkok and works as a teacher, saw a deal for Juvéderm lip fillers online and purchased it, delighted as this is the brand Kylie Jenner uses.

The 24-year-old,was not concerned about the cheap price – in the UK Juvéderm fillers normally cost up to £400 – as she believed Groupon was a ‘trusted site’.After having the injections in April last year she was initially happy with her new look, as her lips were much plumper.But within months she was devastated when hard, wart-like lumps formed on her mouth.


She told MailOnline:

 ‘I looked in the mirror and looked horrific. I cried to my boyfriend at the time, but I didn’t tell anyone back home.’Your lips are right there on your face, the first thing that people look at.’Mine looked grotesque. The word I always say is my lips look mangled.’Now I try to never smile with my mouth open because I’ve got these massive three lumps.’Whenever I meet someone new I’m self-conscious, I think “they must be looking at my lips”.’

 Miss Greville added she felt so unconfident that her unsightly lips put a strain on her relationship, eventually contributing to the couple breaking up.

: ‘I really didn’t want to be kissed, and I still shy away from it.’


When Miss Grenville returned to the clinic two months later, staff injected her with another fluid they claimed would rectify the problem.

Instead, to her horror, her lips started to swell and turn blue. Later, more yellow, painful lumps formed on top of the initial lumps that already protruded from her mouth.
Now, she is desperately fundraising to have an operation to fix her appearance.

Miss Greville told MailOnline:


‘I’m not the type that would have cosmetic surgery done. I’m not unhappy with my lips. But my friends had lip fillers and they looked good.

‘I’d researched Juvéderm loads, it’s what Kylie Jenner had, it’s what everyone gets. Because it’s non-permanent, I saw it like having your hair dyed.’


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