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Thursday , January 19 2017
Home / World News / Photos: Chinese Man Builds A Shrine To Curse The Person Who Smashed His Car Window

Photos: Chinese Man Builds A Shrine To Curse The Person Who Smashed His Car Window


A car owner, named as Wang, decided to create the shrine to curse the man who smashed his car window when police informed him they couldn’t find the man who committed the crime, reported People’s Daily Online as translated by Daily Mail.Wang has written a long curse, damning the offender’s entire family and future offspring.

Wang told reporters that he had owned his car for more than 10 years and regularly parks at the same spot when he is running his barbecue stall.He’s never had a problem until October 12. When he arrived to set up his stall that morning, he found his car had been smashed up during the night. Police managed to track down a video surveillance of the incident, which showed a man getting out of a silver car and smashing Wang’s windows four times with a long umbrella.

Wang claims he recognised the man as someone he had an argument with just days earlier but the accused person vehemently denied the allegations. The man in the video was wearing a grey outfit and, because it was so dark, police were unable to identify him. They were also unable to see the number plate of the car. w2

His Curses read

Man acts while the heavens watch, I invite gods of the underworld to come and be my witness and carry my message.

I curse the mongrel ‘person’ born of animals that smashed my car window.

1. Curse his parents so they will become seriously ill and make life for his family difficult.

2. Curse his person so that when he’s driving on the motorway, his car tyres will explode, causing his car to roll over and sever both of his hands and feet. He will spend the rest of his life bed bound with his wife looking after him.

3. Curse his wife so that she will have to sell her body to support the family.

4. Curse his children who will live their miserable life suppressed by thousands of people. His next three generation of offspring will all have their hand and feet broken.

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