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Friday , October 21 2016
Home / World News / Photos: Group Of Men Cut Open Giant Snake’s Belly, Find Dead PITBULL Inside

Photos: Group Of Men Cut Open Giant Snake’s Belly, Find Dead PITBULL Inside

This is the revolting moment a group of men cut open the body of an enormous snake – to reveal a dead pitbull inside.


The men were reportedly filmed slitting open the swollen stomach of the anaconda in the Brazilian city of Cuiabá earlier this year.

While one of the group held the snake’s body steady on the ground with his foot, another used a knife to hack at the reptile’s skin and stomach lining.

Once the hole was big enough, the man then pulled out the anaconda’s final meal – a brown pitbull.

Footage shows the dog covered in blood, with its head tilted back, its legs bent and its eyes glazed over.




It is unclear whether the canine had an owner, or was a stray. It is also unknown how it came to be eaten by the killer snake.

The video of the pitbull’s extraction emerged on LiveLeak, alongside the caption: “Big Pitbull was eaten by a bigger Anaconda.”

Anacondas are known for tackling big meals. They can easily eat large mammals such as jaguars and deer. Giant anacondas have been recorded to grow up to a staggering 17 feet.

It remains unclear whether the snake in the video died eating the pitbull, or for another reason.

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