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Tuesday , January 24 2017
Home / World News / Pigeon Causes Three-car Smash After Crossing Road Without Flying

Pigeon Causes Three-car Smash After Crossing Road Without Flying


A pigeon in Russia caused a three car smash when it landed on a busy road and refused to fly away.
The crash was captured on another car’s dashboard camera – showing not only the aftermath but also the culprit.
In the moments leading up to the collision, the pigeon can be seen on the pavement, before deciding to march headfirst into two-way traffic.

It briefly disappears behind a car in front before re-emerging in the middle of the road.
Apparently oblivious to the fact it can fly if it wants to, the bird nonchalantly struts across the street and into the path of an oncoming car. p2

The driver brakes suddenly, causing the car behind to veer to the right, scraping the side of the motionless vehicle.
Another car then rams into the back of the first car, before the confused drivers step out into the road.

The video was uploaded to LiveLeak and has divided opinion amongst users.

Several think the driver who stopped was going at appropriate speed and was right to brake, while others say they would not have stopped in the same situation, that they would have ran over the pigeon.

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