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Monday , January 16 2017
Home / World News / Preacher Who Says Women Deserve To Be R*ped For Not Being True Christians Is Attacked With A Baseball Bat By A Woman

Preacher Who Says Women Deserve To Be R*ped For Not Being True Christians Is Attacked With A Baseball Bat By A Woman


A controversial preacher who tells women they deserve r*pe has been attacked with a baseball bat outside a west Valley high school by a young woman who wanted to stop his ‘hate speech’.

Tabitha Brubaker, 19, attacked Brother Dean Saxton, who has spent years demonstrating outside Valley high schools and colleges denouncing h0m0s*xuality and holding signs telling women they deserve r*pe for not being true Christians.

Saxton posted the YouTube video of his demonstration at Apollo High School earlier this month. In the video he uses a megaphone to tell students they’re going to hell. a2

‘I realize there are a lot of students here who are confused,’ Saxton said in the video. ‘You don’t know Jesus. You worship Satan. You worship your idols. You worship false religions.’

As Saxton continues to yell through his megaphone, students look on from across the street and yell at him to ‘go home’.

‘You’re going to hell. You’re going to burn in hell. You’re going to split hell wide open,’ Saxton yells.

Throughout the video several students confront Saxton, as well as a teacher at the high school. But he continues to condemn the students and pedestrians who also approach him.

‘The Bible says it’s not okay to be g*y,’ Saxton says in the video.

‘You need to stop doing naughty, nasty things, Apollo High School. You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the internet.’

The video, which is about 25 minutes long, shows Saxton debating with one man when all of a sudden he’s hit in the head from behind with a baseball bat.

Saxton is seen in the video walking away from the area as his head is bleeding from a gash.

Several students and bystanders who witnessed the incident erupt in applause once they realized Saxton was struck in the head.

Brubaker, who attends Apollo High School, is never seen in the video, but police arrested her for felony assault as well as marijuana possession.

The video, which was posted to Saxton’s YouTube account, has garnered several comments commending Brubaker’s actions.

‘Best thing I’ve seen all day. If only they had hit him a couple more times,’ one user said.

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