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Saturday , January 21 2017
Home / Politics / Prepare To Let Biafrans Go! Or Restructure Nigeria Now, Obama Tells Buhari

Prepare To Let Biafrans Go! Or Restructure Nigeria Now, Obama Tells Buhari


President Obama wants a peaceful restructuring of Nigeria and have been working round the clock to make some headway before he leaves office. He has tasked Secretary of State John Kerry with this diplomatic shuttle.
Two months ago, John Kerry paid a visit to Nigeria. His first port of call; Sokoto. Remember the British has an Agreement with Sokoto Caliphate, NOT WITH NIGERIA. So, Kerry had to respect that agreement.
After the meeting with the Sultan, Kerry met with the governors from the 19 Northern States. He finally met with President Buhari. The message was simple; prepare for the restructuring of Nigeria.
The other week, twelve Governors of the Northern States were in Washington D.C. The message was still the same; prepare for restructuring.

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  1. Restructuring is better

  2. To HELL with restructuring. All we want is BIAFRA FREEDOM

  3. Good evening all. For a perfect peace to rain is either Biafrans rule Nigeria 2019 or let them go. Thanks

    • we don’t need d ruling my dear…we want biafra only our freedom. a crime that i said i dont want to associate with u anymore…we are not of the same orientation…not understanding…idealogy…..religon, climate, reasoning…

      no same language…tufiakwa. we want to go…to our own jerusalem…how do u wish me to sing my fathers song in a stange land…i have a song to sing…i must not sing in a strange lan d …GOD FORBID>

  4. We have to split the Nation.

  5. obymarine biafra limited

    It’s too late to cry when the head is off Nigeria is dead and berried, biafra is all we want

  6. obymarine biafra limited

    It is too late to cry when the head is off, Nigeria is dead and berried, biafra is all we need

  7. We don’t need any more senatorial posts or presidential elect, we wanna go home.

  8. Biafra our last hope. Biafra we must get. #freeNnamdiKanu #freeBiafra

  9. Biafran or nothing

  10. You guys don’t have senses,even your stupid mentor ojuku tried and failed, where is he now? None of you can rule Nigeria because if any Igbo man is allowed, then that’s the end of Nigeria.You have not even ruled Nigeria you have scattered our name throughout the world,the world knows us to be drug dealers just because of you guys,the lack of education of most of you has trampled our country name because of bad behaviors, even if you are Allowed to go I promise you will be the most hated country in the world.more over I believe people fighting for biafrans are the lazy,stupid and poor ones who Dont have life but the best thing to do if to create unrest in Nigeria which you will never succeed because we are one Nation. You fools

    • very pathetic of you chris. the Lord is already turning the captivity of the Igbos, we are already laughing. i wish you could be just normal and behave as a normal person.

    • Thought you are educated and learned as you claimed your ranting foul mouth, miss representation of your family, clan, tribe and state shows you are of all men most miserable. How do you justify your statement? If we (BIAFRANS) are hated by the whole world how is that your concern? It is still and just OBVIOUS are people so scared to let BIAFRANS go because of the foreseen GREATNESS,EXPLOITS and GIANTS that will emerge from us. We are stupids,fools worthless yet you good people wouldn’t let us go and be, to you and the Nigeria people let us go that we may go serve our CHUKWU ABIAMA (THE ALMIGHTY GOD).

    • It is really unfortunate that you, Chris, would rant like this. Be thou informed that the destiny of the Igbo race is the hands of the Almighty God. Phearoh tried to withold God’s people, I am sure you know what happened. Biafra is on its way to its promised land. You, Chris and your likes and Nigeria CANNOT stop it.

    • If igbos are that bad and Brings bad name to nigerian, then why still a “a one nigeria”.. Oga christian shut up if u no get talk

    • Its because you need Igbo’s that’s why you don’t want them to go.let me inform you marriage is never by force,.they say,they want to go and stay on their own,.I quess they are,the most industrious set of being on planet earth today.. And Gods own people and they have all it takes to be a great nation..

    • Chris if I got you clearly, you actually don’t any need of Igbos – then why do you want to hook on? If the Biafrans are giving you bad name, why keep on forcing yourself to be with them? The truth is that you cannot do without Biafrans. You can never succeed without them. Do the right thing so that Biafrans stop agitating – you refuse. Must we be together? We don’t want you anymore with us – is it a crime to self-determine? Oil and Water cannot mix (blend). It is better separate them so that each will mind its own boundary. As for your hatred which shows in the sound of your language, it shows you are very weak.

    • You are more stupid than any Igbo man, if there is any. Ibos are known all over the world for their great sense of wisdom and intelligence. Your brothers also do drugs and they committe all manner of atrocities, one big question I have for idiots like you is… why are you afraid to live without Ibos and yet you call them names? You must be very stupid to even use foul statement for great minds like Ojukwu, it shows your lack wisdom.

    • Who is this pig lamenting,? I don’t care whether Biafra or Nigeria, but when pigs like you are calling names I like to get back at you. When next an idiot like you is posting don’t call names,just say your rubish and get out of here fool.

    • you are very stupid for this your senseless post, you cant stop Biafrans from going ok, it will look like dream befor you soon, nigeria is a zoo, you yurobas are slaves

    • @chris, you are just a mad cow like your presidiot, buhari.

    • Why are you crying because lazy fools want to leave you? I have three skills to live on, I know you have non, just wait, very soon oil will stop flowing then you will drink dust Sahara desert, pop corn brain.

    • Can u hear ur self my learned professor.we want to be the most hated, we have painted ur beloved country black then get ride of us.lolz stop lamenting

    • Dear Chris why are u drinking Pandol for another persons headache.. Is it not foolishness. That is the more reason why we have to go so that we will stop spoiling the gud name of your country Nigeria.

    • Chris, it’s always better and more honourable to humbly abstain from issues you can’t make meaningful contributions. Your view on the issue at hand portrays your gross deficiency in historical facts about the events in this country.
      It’s uncivilized to insult a people, be more civil in your approach to things and don’t appear sarcastic because you may be unconsciously imposing on yourself some degree of stress. Cheers.


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    • You are just silly and do not know the history of have the hausa bokwai and the hausa banza,you have the oyo,you have benin or edo,you have the ibos.the prime minister then tadawa balewa once said the northerners dont want anything to do with the ibos.ahmadu bello was injecting politics into the military as his intentions was to carry the jihad to the south and major nzeogwu had to put a stop to should be grateful to the ibos if not we will still ve under colonial rule and south africa should gad been better than nigeria.the ibos along with the yorubas fought for the independence of nigeria. I can bet you,you do not know the birth of pan africanism

    • Idiot, just because Nigeria was not allowed to suck our crude oil everybody hungry and crying. This is to show you we are the one feeding the whole nation. You all will die of hunger when we finally go. If you think I am lying, just support our exit and see what will happen.

    • Wow you have said It right. Thumbs up guy you really make sense

    • Your father is the pathetic fool from the armpit of hell. Your mother was fucked by the devil himself with sharp razor blade. What an awful combination they produced?
      Where is UR sense? Someone doesn’t want to be a part of UR mess, is it now by force. You keep people in bondage for over 60yrs in the name of “ONE NIGERIA”. A country built on falsehood and deceit, and you call that right?
      If Ibos are really liabilities whynot let them go, then watch how the tomb u call a nation will crumble like the house built with dead things…..
      I really don’t have UR time but it is only the compound fool of this time that will speak against the freedom Biafrans really deserve, and you just made yourself and generations the grand fools.

    • P/s you can have your Nigeria now put it in your pocket if you like but know this for sure that your grandfather don’t have any farm in Biafra land,don’t fight & die for nothing. Remember Saddam Heusen how he die for trying to claim the land of Kuwait. I can’t blame you, because your father didn’t knew we’re he came from.
      Biafa for life!!!!!!!!

      • It’s so sad that our people have been brainwashed into the belief of ethnicity and religion divide in the issues of economy and security of their Blessed nation. One thing we should have behind our minds is that division of the nation will not stop the sufferings of the common man.because if Nigeria is shared the same greedy corrupt. political leaders will go back to their constituents and still lord it over the common man. What we need to do is join President Mohammadu Buhari in bringing corruption to its barest level. Also my President pls do not be partial in all issues concerning the country. We Nigerians expects nothing short of that. These are the reasons Nigerians voted for you.

    • Can you imagined how you ended your write up. How on earth can you be one nation with fools ? It means you are a bigger fool. Shallow thinking!!!

    • Give us Biafra and leave us on how we govern ourselves. Please don’t take panadol for our headaches

    • U are a very big fool,and u want the whole world to no the level of folishnes,monkey@charlse.

    • @ Cris, you ‘ve said it all. We the Biafrans are the cause of all the problems niGERia is having OK, fine. Then search your conscience and tell the world the truth and reason why we can’t go our separate ways.

    • Chris
      You lack common wisdom and even eating sense.I guess you are not educated with your evil thought “why are you scared of another man freedom” because you are lazy

    • U are d biggest fool. If u dont want to stay wit biafra beta remain wit fulani herdsmen an d moslims

    • you don’t have to insult biafrans to gain cheap popularity,they are expressing their rights. so help us by keeping your mouth shut if you don’t have anything reasonable to say. Why didn’t go and inuslt Obama in his face for saying,I’m an Igbo but I don’t support Biafra doesn’t mean you should make noise

    • Chris or whatever you call yourself, can you see how stupid youe are? You are talking of lack of education and yet you cannot construct simple correct sentence. That shows how eductaed you are.

      illitrates like you are the problem of this country. I am certain if investigation is carried out on you, probabily you will be an inhabitant of Sambisa Forest. In other words, if you are not an Almajiri, then you possibly have gradutaed from Almajiri to Boko Haram member.

    • If any one is a full I suppose you are the only one, if you think you don’t like somebody living in ur house and dat individual decides to go why stopping him? U are just afraid of what the zoo Nigeria would be like wen biafra go. No country in the world can do without biafra. We are blessed, despite the atrocity of the civil war the most interior village in biafra land is developed, though I understand u are myopic poor fool

  11. U hate igbos and call them names still u dont want them to go thier seperate ways truely u are a fool igbos the youngest pilot in the word now and we have the likes of emagwari and we invented some wepaon d

  12. It is very funny and disheartened the way things are however we all need patience.pls let us all adhere to the principle of patience it shall be well with us

  13. Make una make we rest. Nobody hold una

  14. You heartless being called yourself Chris,I just wonder if you listen to yourself at all, after enough criticism n hatred you still don’t wish us To must be seriously mindful of your words you n I knows Igbos are the pillar of this country but still you hausa’s takes us for granted. Since no restructure then we’re fully ready to make a clear demarcation between both of us.undstnd that

  15. Yes, in life what you fear most always happen to you,Nigerians fear Biafra restoration especially our formal & current leaders because of what they committed against Biafrans, but that thank GOD they cannot stop it.

  16. All the views are from one section of Nigeria. It is imbalance!

  17. am very very interested about been a biafran . infarct i need it now . i don,t care what idiots say about it, am a kid but i can fell my strength to my nation. but i cant see anything as my effort what i fill like is being alone ,with my people .imaging i cant even travel around my country, because of hatred between different religions .in that case we have to depart .so that every one will feel free

  18. We don’t need Obama in Biafrans issue.

  19. Biafrans are not lazy people,no part of this nation can survive like the Igbo’s after what happened during the civil war so tell ur self the truth.they are dominating even in your own areas,anywhere u don’t see an igbo man means no life in that place so say things the way they are.


  21. Pls, allow Igbo to go. I believe it is not only want to distegrate we have so region, ethnic that feel and capable to control there little and available resource.

  22. How would the Biafra go without violent.

  23. The project Nigeria is not working….

  24. Bala Magaji Makarfi

    Biafra if created will be the second southan Sudan in Africa or worst than that because of their many selfish minority tribes and groups, e.g Avengers, MEND’s etc.

  25. Nigeria is Oil Money
    Biafra is Bank Money

    Commentators are to pick

  26. why not just let Biafrans go or be created if they are too selfish. Stop being scared of letting them go. After all, this biafra you are talking about here is as old as Nigeria. What makes you think that they can’t handle their own problems if that is your concern?@ Bala magaji markarfi.

  27. Biafra is the best solution for Nigeria the best way out for peace

  28. Chris, you are a big fool for thinking that you can manipulate the minds of God’s own people “biafran” with your cheap and baseless propaganda. If you said biafran were bringing bad names to your useless country… Nigeria, how comes you never wanted to let them go? By the way, what are the achievements in Nigeria that Igbo man or Biafran in general are not the leading heads? Is it your mineral resources, biafran own it :is it the best brains in schools, biafran owns them :is it in production, biafran does it all :is it in remittances of foreign earnings to cushion the scarcity of exchange, biafran does it :is it in maintaining law and order, with regards to human lives and low rate of mortality through violence, biafrans takes the lead? In fact, biafrans are the only people in the country that controls the economy even without the connections of leaders, despite the persecutions of the civil war days ;where their funds were seized and each person’s were given just 20 pounds to survive with. I think that you and your accomplice are only desperate to keep the fowl that lays the Golden eggs to yourselves, by not allowing us to go :but you people have failed, because we are already winning the war and not you nor your blood sucking leaders would hold us back. If you doubt it, you verify why Obama was defeated and verify the passion that Trump has for the liberation of every Christian part in the world craving for freedom. God is a master planner and he is already planning our exit without anyone’s input.

  29. I thank president Barack Obama for his efforts and as he had sent John Kerry the secretary of states to deliver message to Nigeria through Sultan of Sokoto. And the Northern governors went to Washington DC and the message was the same. The message is simple: Let Biafra go! …… But Nigeria government is stubborn, to do what president Obama said. Let’s see whether they will obey Trump to let Biafra go — Jesmion for Customary Government of Indigenous people of Biafra (CGIPOB)

  30. Chris, I have not seen an idiot and stupid like u on planet Earth, u and ur follow zoonotic citizens should let us go, though am not afraid of dat any way because chukwu abiama is our strength and comforter, u Chris shall be alive and see biafra a success

  31. Chukwu okike abiama agozigo Biafra. Ihe masili ndi Ilo ha me! I’m sure Mr Chris has learnt lots of hard lesson for insult against the blessed people of Biafra. Udo dili unu !

  32. Ugwu Abel chinweokwu

    Biafrans are the strength of the zoo if they

  33. All of you shouting about biafra freedom, are ignorant and lunatics.To hell with you and your biafra.

  34. You all should know this most especially the northerners, the sunlight u get comes from the so called east that u mal treat. We are naturally blessed that no one can cause.
    At think at this point, we need Biafra.
    Buhari is not a sincere soul and shouldn’t be trusted.
    Long live Biafra

  35. Rubbish Biafra not can split Nigeria.

  36. All we need is Biafra weather you like it or not.

  37. Obama your request is too late why didnt you expose this since now that your leaving a white house your a failure already n for d corruption campain mr president you can only succed if you grap d 22men lions mentioned by d swess,u.s and d German banks who lootet our money otherwise ur already been defeated.

  38. Why did Kerry visited only northern governors if the restructuring is genuine ?

  39. I as a person love to support this Clamour for a biafran Nation. However, there are Various ways to kill a cat. Except for social media ranting, I have not seën anything frantic happen in recent time in the bid to have this biafra. There is a constitutional process, the legal process vide ICC, you guys still have representatives in the houses. Eve if there are efforts on ground, they are not frantic enough. There was a civility upheaval in the 70’s to bring the clamour to reality, it almost succeeded. But then and thereafter the upheaval died down, This can be reignited. If there is any seriousness in the agitators, then do something more monumental rather than social media ranting. I support your independence if the marriage would not work again. Biafrans are free to live as a people. (as is the case on social media, I welcome replies, even your abuse if need be)

  40. We need Biafra

  41. Chris I got interested in your atticle when you said the Igbos are not educated waoow let me take you back to memory lane In 1963 during the election in the west Obafemi Awolowo gave free education to the whole of the west and went to meet his friend in the North then the saduana of sokoto Ahmadu Bello to follow suit so they can bridge I repeat(BRIDGE)the educational gap with the Igbos and them Saduana’s response and I quote was that he should go to hell with his western education if everybody should go to school,who will serve them?(hek your history books) also you should know that before the war began in 1967,the economy of the then eastern Nigeria was bigger than the eonomies of Taiwan,Singapore put together and calling Ojukwu names is not the best you should do rather sit down on your own and go through some history books then add thinking to your reasoning and to whatever you understand from the history because maybe you don’t know because am sure you were not born as at during or before the war and after the war, every igbo man/woman no mater how much they had in the bank was given only 20 Pounds which is another way of enslaving them with poverty but today what is happening they are all over Nigeria because there can be no Nigeria without the Igbos and the entity called Nigeria can only be great when the non-Igbos of Yoruba and Hausa origin are able to understand and welcome the importance of the IGBOS because who God has blessed no man can ever course and upon Mount Zion there shall be deliverance thank you.

  42. so you all didnt know chris was just pulling ur legs. nonthtless hes a foolish fool

  43. I understand that 90%of hausa/fulaniand their Yoruba brothers fate to hear about Biafra or ignor which the major part of Biafra.But they should bear it in mind that no force,power,Authority on earth that can stop Biafran Exit.As Moses came and played his own part by telling Pharoh let my people go,Joshua was the one that lead Israelites to the promised land, so also Ojukwu came and played his own part by telling Nigerians to let BIAFRANS go.Now new testament Joshua called Nnamdi Kanu have arrive to take his people to the promised land. Though in those days Egyptians and pharoh couldn’t get it easy to free a BLESSED people whom they a are using anyhow in the same way Nigerians and Mallam Buhari is feeling the impart of Biafra exit,but my advice to Nigerians and Mallam Buhari is endure it.because this is The plan of CHUKWU ABIAMA (ALMIGHTY GOD)since Pharoh couldn’t stop Israelites Exit, no Nigeria including Mallam Buhari can stop Biafra exit.because our God can never change (numbers 23:19).Nigerians should stop crying for the sake of Biafra Exit ,let them start now and plan how their country should be after BIAFRA exit,because when Israelites left Egytp they left with enormous wealth.let’s stop the hate and face the reality,i pity Yoruba people because the will be the chief fulani slaves.anybody that curse Biafra is cursing himself becuase u can’t curse whom God have blessed.CHIOKIKE BLESS BIAFRA and give Nigeria the heart to bear BIAFRA exit.Amen

  44. Lets get this right. Is biafra about the igbos alone. so where do the niger delta stand just thought to ask because every speech abt the biafran agitation is lingered on the igbos.

  45. The Hausa /Funani claim ownership of Nigeria so restructuring is the answer.

  46. When a ☀ is rising u can stay and enjoy but when it is midday u can’t resist. All hail biafra. And there are things people will write n u will know that Nigeria’s hatred on biafrans is inborn. So just let my people go and stop wasting time.

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