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Wednesday , January 18 2017
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See What Happened To Lady’s Face After She Tried To Remove Birthmark Via Laser


A beauty blogger told her story after she was left looking like a burn victim after a simple procedure to remove a facial birthmark.
23 year old Molly Martinson, from the USA wanted to remove the small birthmark on her cheek below her eye, but was devastated when the ‘botched’ laser surgery  left her with permanent scarring.

Now, she is speaking out about her horrific ordeal in a bid to warn others of the “extreme dangers” of undergoing laser surgery.

Molly,shared her experience on her YouTube channel  which has gone viral.


She said:

“I thought of getting it removed when I was younger but never acted on it until I found out the potential dangers of port wine stains.
“Not because I thought it looked ugly but because tons of people throughout my life always asked what happened to my face and never left me alone about it.
“It got tiring after years of people constantly asking what was on my face.”

“So before I figured out the dangers of my birthmark, I was always self-conscious of it.”


“When the surgeon handed me the mirror, my stomach literally turned upside down.

“There was bruising all across my cheek, even where I don’t have a birth mark.
“I physically felt nauseous and started crying instantly. I was appalled.
“I felt like my face was ruined and there was not a thing I could do about it.

“I was shaking and terrified. I was not only emotionally distressed but physically as well. I wanted to vomit.”
“I didn’t want to go out in public for days because it looked like I was exposed to radiation.
“I did go out a few times because I simply had to and everyone just stared at me in disbelief.
“It took just over a month for it to heal. I still have slight scarring which I am getting corrected by a new surgeon.”

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