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Sunday , January 22 2017
Home / Politics / Shehu Sani Slams Those In Support Of Oil Subsidy Removal, Says They Have The Constitutional Rights To “Revere Their Chains”

Shehu Sani Slams Those In Support Of Oil Subsidy Removal, Says They Have The Constitutional Rights To “Revere Their Chains”

shehu sani

Senator Shehu Sani has slammed members of the Nigeria Labor Congress that opted out of the strike action by NLC against the ‎recent increase in petrol. In a statement released today May 18th, Sani cautioned against blackmailing labor members who are against their position on the removal of oil subsidy. Part of his statement reads;

“Increase in pump price of petroleum products does nothing other than add to the suffering of Nigerians but those in support of it have the constitutional rights to revere their chains. Unjust policies must not be beclouded by political interests and political convenience. Campaign of calumny and blackmail against the NLC and Labour leaders simply for speaking out and standing up for their traditional constituents must stop. We joined and applauded the NLC for leading a mass protest against increase in pump prices of petroleum products in the past. It’s hypocritical to condemn them now for their principled stand on same issue. Our quests for justice and equity must not depend upon the Government or persons in power but must depend upon the matters of principles at hand. The cloud of intimidation and blackmail against people for expressing their objections must end. We are now in a state whereby dissent is equated to disloyalty. We must learn to tolerate views and positions different from our own no matter how unpopular. If we must all agree on all issues at all times, democracy couldn’t have been ‘invented’. Democracy guarantees every citizen the fundamental right to free speech and to objection and this must be respected. It’s imperative for our people to understand that the political class define and view social justice in the colours of their personal interest. Those who stood against increase in price of petroleum products yesterday and stood for it today have betrayed the very principle which they claimed to represent. If for political convenience we choose to divide or destroy the Labour unions today, we will be harming the very organ that stands as the guardian of democracy.”

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