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Sunday , January 22 2017
Home / World News / Teen Escapes 2 year Captivity After Her Abductor Forgets To Lock The Door After He Went Out

Teen Escapes 2 year Captivity After Her Abductor Forgets To Lock The Door After He Went Out


Japanese police early Monday caught a 23-year-old man who had kidnapped a 15 year old teenage girl for 2 years. He was bleeding from the neck from a minor self-inflicted injury as a result of a failed suicide attempt.

The teenager who is now 15 escaped from his Terauchi’s apartment in downtown Tokyo on Sunday while he was shopping in Akihabara, a district known for technology and comic book geeks, after 2 years of captivity and contacted the police immediately.
She told the police she was able to escape because her captor forgot to lock the door after he left the apartment.

The girl’s disappearance from her hometown in Saitama, near Tokyo, when she was just 13, was major news in Japan at the time.

The girl was seen wearing a sweat suit and sandals in the cold weather when she called home from a pay phone at a train station in downtown Tokyo. Her mother reported the call to the police, who raided Terauchi’s apartment.

Police said the girl the girl told them that she was confined in Terauchi’s apartment near his university in Chiba before moving to Tokyo last month. She said she was always locked inside and closely watched, but wasn’t tied up or put in chains. She said he sometimes took her outside but always closely watched her.

Terauchi attended Chiba University during these 2 years he allegedly had the teen in captivity. He studied to become a Private pilot.
According to AP, he graduated this month and even had a job offer.

Source: AP

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