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Tuesday , January 24 2017
Home / Politics / THE TRUTH: Abacha Didn’t Die From Eating Apple, Al-Mustapha Finally Reveals What Really Happened to Sani Abacha

THE TRUTH: Abacha Didn’t Die From Eating Apple, Al-Mustapha Finally Reveals What Really Happened to Sani Abacha

According to the piece published in CKN Nigeria last year, Al-Mustapha in detail narrates the last moments of Abacha’s death and what proceeded it. He passed away mysteriously at his presidential villa in June 1998.

Reports said that he was in the company of two Indian prostitutes who were sent to poison him. The officials however stated another reason, a heart attack.

Meanwhile Al-Mustapha allegedly disclosed what really happened to the former country leader. Read the piece in full below: “When I got to the bedside of the Head of State, he was already gasping. Ordinarily, I could not just touch him. It was not allowed in our job. But under the situation on ground, I knelt close to him and shouted, “General Sani Abacha, Sir, please grant me permission to touch and carry you.

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  1. We lost our great leader, General Sani Abacha May Allah S.W.A grant him Jannatul firdaus as his final destination ameen

  2. God know better than how we do whether we say rest in peace or peace’s he is resting where he belong so the Bible say judgment is of the Lord

  3. How many Nigerians understand or knows why the British Government had an Agreement with the Sokoto Caliphate and not with Nigeria as a country and what was the Agreement?

  4. Hmmmmmm, ONLY God knows, and by far, better than we humans do. So, the question of what happens to a dead person is PURELY the prerogative of God’s. This is because ONLY God is QUALIFIED to judge us, human beings, whether dead or alive.

  5. Idrees Muhammad Danmadami Kafi

    May the Almighty Allah grant his soul Eternal Rest In perfect Peace, Amin.

  6. Idrees Muhammad Danmadami Kafi

    My General Abacha

  7. Any person who does not believe in the Son of God Jesus, will go to hell.There are no two ways to Heaven. Accept it or not.

  8. Abacha may your souls rest in peace. May Allah forgive your sin ameen.

  9. With all the money they said he stole from the economy Nigerians did not find it bad as it is now so who is fooling who in this country.

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