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Friday , January 20 2017
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True Confession: ‘Girls Are Their Own Worst Enemies’ – A Must Read


Girls, we are really enemies within. Please read from one of our subscribers below;

I met my fiancé over 8 years ago. Ours was a genuine love , even with the fact that he was still in school(uni) when i met him, we truly loved each other and was fond of one another. We were in different schools.

He graduated, served and started working ahead of me and work brought him to a very far place from home so we seldom see each other like before. It was at his workplace he met a girl from another tribe different from ours who started throwing herself on him. I realized the change in my fiancé behavior and asked him but the girl who is even about 2 or 3 years older than him would not let him be.

She keeps holding my fiancé to ransom after forcing herself on him making him sleep with her several times and recently a big fight broke out between my fiancé and I that even our parents(both sides) were aware of it and concluded that the lady in his office must have hypnotized him.

My pain really here is why must girls set out to ruin another girl’s happiness knowing fully well that a guy has a serious relationship and even at the verge of getting married but still insists in ruining another girls joy.

The girl in question even knows that my fiancé parents will never support their son in marrying her because she is older and also she is not from our tribe but she is bent on ruining my relationship with my fiancé and also bent on making life uncomfortable for my fiancé in their workplace.

I don’t know what she wants from my fiancé exactly but he has to play along so she does not hurt him.

I’m so confused and worried.

Pls post my story.

A confused girl.

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