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Saturday , January 21 2017
Home / World News / Woman’s Arm Torn Off By Crocodile As She Walked Her Dogs

Woman’s Arm Torn Off By Crocodile As She Walked Her Dogs


A woman had her arm torn off by a giant 23ft crocodile as she walked her dogs.
The horrified victim – in her 60s – was strolling in the outback, 280 miles south-west of Darwin, when the huge reptile attacked.

By the time the one tonne beast finished with her it had bitten off her arm above the elbow.
Skynews reports that, despite her terrible injuries, she needed persuading to get in a vehicle which had stopped to help because ‘she didn’t want to get blood in the car’,
Paul Cavanagh, who lives nearby, said his nephew and son-in-law rescued the injured woman. He said

“She was standing on the side of the road just shocked,She’s lived here a long time, hopefully she’s all right.”

Michael Snowball, who owns a cafe near Three Mile Creek, said:

“It came out of the water and grabbed her and did a death roll and took her arm off near the elbow.”

A spokeswoman said:

“We’ve got crews on site trying to locate the animal.
“If that doesn’t happen, we’ll soon be getting fresh crews in to come and deploy a trap with a view to trapping and destroying the animal.”

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